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Cherry Grove Church HistoryJohn Merrill, along with his wife Eleanor (Weitzell) Merrill, and Elias Weitzell were the pioneer members of the Brethren who settled near Cherry Grove, Maryland and started the church at an early date. Services were held in the home and barn of Elias Weitzell for nearly forty years. Cherry Grove was started in 1841, but not organized into a congregation until 1847, with the first church house being built in 1865. Many ministers helped to build up the congregation of Cherry Grove. These early ministers assisted the church in calling some local talent to the ministry. One of which was David Merrill, who was resident elder for thirty nine years. The first Love Feast and Communion was conducted by C.S. Lent and Daniel Baker. It was told that a brother had brought a lamb to the church for the feast, but it was not cut up. Elder Lent pulled off his coat, and cut up the lamb, while others prepared the wood. The men had to saw oak blocks and nail planks to them for seats. In later years these pioneers recalled of their early experiences with great joy. The main house of worship was located two miles south of Avilton, until 1952 when it was decided to build a new church, five miles north of the old church near route 40. This church was ready for worship in April 1954. Brother Daniel Whitacre was the first pastor, serving until 1956. With route 48 being built our second church was sold to the state, and a new church was built along route 219, one mile north of route 40, this took place in 1973. This is the present location of Cherry Grove. In 1981 the congregation decided upon building a parsonage adjacent to the church. We meet for weekly Sunday morning Sunday school at 9:30, and worship service at 10:30. Ministries of the congregation include, a Ladies Fellowship Group, an active youth group, Vacation Bible School, various singing groups throughout the year, and an annual children’s day celebration in June. Revival services are held each year in the spring. Many changes have taken place thoughout the years. Through it all the Lord has blest Cherry Grove with great abundance. And His love continues to shine down upon us. We at Cherry Grove would like to extend an open arm invitation to everyone, so that you may share in the love that Jesus Christ has bestowed upon us.